JftR Act 1.2: Gathering Storm

The first drop of rain is sometimes more bitter than sweet

I started writing the first chapter in a heat wave, so naturally the next step is to make it rain. Gathering Storm is everyone coming together at Catharsis for their obligatory assembly. Nico is introduced, and the rest of Rhys and Isaiah’s mutual friends show up and we talk about NICO (the band) and Interrobang?!.

The highlight of this chapter for me (and admit it, most of you who’ve read it) is most definitely Nico.

One mastermind, mononymously known as Nico. Nico, whose-last-name-is-too-difficult–to-pronounce-it’s-forever-dropped-from-discussion. And to wit, Nico wasn’t even his given name.

We meet the one other person Rhys and Isaiah open up to (if maybe sometimes via extortion), and is the closest they would consider a friend. Good things come in threes, and Nico is, begrudgingly, the best thing about them.

The chapter end with Nico’s parting gift to Isaiah and Rhys. Something that would haunt him in later chapter. Heh.


Road to Unplugged

I said I’d do it. I’d write it. I will. Just that Life Happened. Good news is that I have two novels┬ádone with revisions awaiting judgment from editors. Now it’s finally time to get to writing the thing I said I would since forever ago.

And because I am now, finally, writing Unplugged, I decided to go about rereading Just for the Record again. Because continuity Things. Also just Things. Like Feels. I’m that person. I’ll never be sorry.

I started writing Just for the Record after I’ve written the raw (also ridiculously bad) versions of Unglamorous (Nico) and Unplugged (then called Northern Star). It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Something that wasn’t meant to be canon. Or published. Or read by anyone else but me. I blame my friend, Jenny, for shipping Isaiah/Rhys when it was never there. Then the bunny ninja’d into my system and Oh, look. I wrote it. Most of it while inebriated.

It was really just Heat Wave (Act 1.1) at first. I thought: I just need this out of my system. Write it away so it doesn’t bother me anymore. And then, of course, Nico starts bothering me and asking me hard questions like “What If?” and stupid ones like “Why am I not in this Thing?”. I got thinking, and Heat Wave became Just for the Record. Which is me saying: just for the record, this never happened.

On to the spoiler-free recap:

Act 1: The Weather Today is Slightly Bitter with a Chance of Betrayal
1.1: Heat Wave
Even the heat can get to the most calculated of minds

Rhys and Isaiah, both hiding from their mutual friends, find each other at a practice studio in the middle of a heat wave. Things that shouldn’t happen, happen.┬áNaturally, they pretend it never happened.


My feels writing the Thing: I was all nerves. For one, I’ve never written anything like it before. Theme-wise, feels-wise, it was all so new to me I was afraid. But now I’m like heh. I wrote dat.

And now I need to get rid of the Ice feels.

Just for the Record is available on buqo and in Paperback
Preview available on Wattpad: Just for the Record
Companion Piece: Changing Tides

Unplugged: The Process

I don’t know why I think this is going to be a good idea, but I’m hoping something almost decent comes out of this. I have about seven weeks before #StrangeLit officially begins, and in that timespan, I’m planning to (re)write Unplugged.

Quick backstory: Unplugged is the “prequel” to Just for the Record. I started writing the story in 2011 and left it alone after completing it. I didn’t know then that I was going to eventually publish Just for the Record, or that JftR would come before the actual start of Rhys’s story. Last year I decided that Unplugged (and Nico’s story Unglamorous) needs to be rewritten and put out there, but I never got to it because of Life and all that applies.

This year, I made a list of Things to Write in conjunction with my resolution to write more and publish more. Unplugged topped that list (because let’s face it, Rhys is my favorite). So that’s what I’m going to do. #SparkNA is proof that I can write 20k novella (in the case of Waiting for the Sunrise, 35k) in two months so this is me attempting to replicate the results of the Spark class.

One of the things that made Spark successful is the community cheering you on to finish. Writing, essentially, is a solitary event. You sit and bleed on a page. On your own. But every other moment not spent writing doesn’t have to be. So what I think I’m doing is asking anyone who wants to see Rhys and Ryan to hold me accountable for making sure I get Unplugged out this year.

So what’s going to happen is that I’ll be posting updates, sort of, and the general process of things as I write this old-new story of mine. Let’s hope it sort of, kind of works.

First up, is my outline. I have an outline. Kind of. It’s still missing the middle bits, but I have a Beginning and I have and Ending so I think I’m in a good place. I don’t want to talk that much about it because I’m supposed to be writing– not writing about it, but actually writing.

I’ve already set my daily word count goals. Let’s hope this works.