JftR Act 1.2: Gathering Storm

The first drop of rain is sometimes more bitter than sweet

I started writing the first chapter in a heat wave, so naturally the next step is to make it rain. Gathering Storm is everyone coming together at Catharsis for their obligatory assembly. Nico is introduced, and the rest of Rhys and Isaiah’s mutual friends show up and we talk about NICO (the band) and Interrobang?!.

The highlight of this chapter for me (and admit it, most of you who’ve read it) is most definitely Nico.

One mastermind, mononymously known as Nico. Nico, whose-last-name-is-too-difficult–to-pronounce-it’s-forever-dropped-from-discussion. And to wit, Nico wasn’t even his given name.

We meet the one other person Rhys and Isaiah open up to (if maybe sometimes via extortion), and is the closest they would consider a friend. Good things come in threes, and Nico is, begrudgingly, the best thing about them.

The chapter end with Nico’s parting gift to Isaiah and Rhys. Something that would haunt him in later chapter. Heh.


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